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China Bank celebrates 100 years

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and ban on mass gatherings, China Bank celebrated its milestone Centennial Anniversary last August 14 and 16 in a quiet but meaningful way. In his message to all employees, Chairman Hans T. Sy expressed his pride and gratitude for the Bank’s success: "The gravity of the pandemic situation necessitated modification of plans, but it doesn’t diminish the significance of the occasion—China Bank is 100-years strong and continues to be very resilient and responsive to our customers and employees’ needs.... Let’s continue to pursue change and innovation with eyes on the future, and more importantly, let’s continue to support and help people, businesses, and society prosper in good times and be resilient in bad times."

China Bankers nationwide expressed on social media their love and gratitude for the bank they call their second home.  Posts of employees onsite and working from home cheerfully but safely celebrating China Bank’s 100th year flooded Facebook, Instagram, even Tiktok. 

In the same message, the Chairman announced the Centennial Stock Grant plan to provide regular China Bank Group employees with 100 China Bank shares for every year of service, subject to regulatory approvals and ratification at the special stockholders’ meeting on October 1.  “We recognize and appreciate your dedication, deep sense of ownership, and natural inclination to do what’s best for the Bank and for our customers.  Now, you’re not only emotionally invested in China Bank, you own part of it,” he said. 

The Juan Luna side of the 96 year-old China Bank
Binondo Building at twilight

The restored façade of China Bank’s original head office in Binondo unveiled on August 14 and the online Thanksgiving masses on August 16 made the simple celebration joyful and poignant. 

"Once completed, the building will be more resilient and sustainable. This restoration and heritage project is China Bank’s contribution to the revitalization of Binondo," said Sy. 

Even with the muted celebration, China Bank’s message will resonate in the next 100 years:  Times change but values remain.

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