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ChinaBankSec Online

Have all that you need as you take the lead when buying and selling PSE-listed stocks with ChinaBankSec Online.

You may open an online trading account online, access your account using multiple devices, and get access to top-notch trading tools and services.

ChinaBankSec Alpha

For the active and more sophisticated stock investor, gain access to more advanced trading tools and information, feel the market, pick the right stocks and do conditional trades.

How to Open an Online Trading Account

  1. Visit and click Open an Account tab.
  2. Complete the initial online registration form.
  3. An email verification will be sent to your nominated email address. Click the link and you will be redirected to the registration page.
  4. Fill out all the mandatory fields including your designated savings or current deposit account (a.k.a Settlement Account) where your withdrawal proceeds and dividends will be credited.
  5. Select verification Option: (1) Physical appearance at CBC branch of account or CBSEC office or (2) Video call
  6. Depending on the Verification Option chosen, upload your valid ID and other pertinent documents. Be ready with your printer when downloading the forms for uploading.
  7. Click Submit then wait for Application Reference Number (ARN) to be sent via SMS to your nominated mobile number.
  8. Upon receipt of the ARN, go to the China Bank branch of account of CBSEC office if you opted for physical appearance or wait for video call schedule if video call option was chosen.
  9. Allow for 1-2 business days’ processing time to receive an email on application approval status.

Requirements for Opening an Online Trading Account

  1. Valid Government-issued ID (Note: IDs with expiry dates must be current). 
    Sample Valid IDs:
    • For Filipinos, Driver’s License, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID, Passport, OFW ID, SSS/ GSIS ID, OWWA ID, Senior Citizen’s Card, Voter’s ID, Postal ID, Government Office ID, Voter’s ID, Philhealth Card
    • For US Person, Alien Certificate of Registration or ACR and US Passport
    • For with US indicia, non-US Passport, W8-BEN, Certificate of renunciation of US Citizenship
    • For Resident Alien, ACR, Valid Passport
  2. Proof of billing address such as Bank Statement of Account, Credit Card Billing Statement, Utility Bill (Water, Electricity, Cable, Telephone, or Broadband), Mobile Phone Bill
  3. Duly executed CBSEC Forms and Agreements:
    • Online Securities Brokerage Agreement
    • Specimen signature card
    • Settlement Instructions
      Authority to Credit China Bank account (If CBC depositor)
      Authority to Transfer Funds to Other Bank (If non-CBC depositor)
  4. For non-CBC depositors, minimum initial deposit of Php 50,000 via Bills Payment in favor of China Bank Securities Corporation


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