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About China Bank

Mission, Vision, and Values


Drawing strength from our rich history, we will be the best, most admired, and innovative financial services institution, partnering with our customers, employees, and shareholders in wealth and value creation.


We will be a leading provider of quality services consistently delivered to institutions, entrepreneurs, and individuals here and abroad, to meet their financial needs and exceed their rising expectations.

We will be a primary catalyst in the creation of wealth for our customers, driven by a desire to help them succeed, through a highly engaged team of competent and empowered professionals, guided by in-depth knowledge of their needs and supported by leading-edge technology.

We will maintain the highest ethical standards, sense of responsibility, and fairness with respect to our customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities we serve.


Review of Vision / Mission
The Board reviews China Bank's mission and vision periodically and the corporate strategy annually. The Bank adopts a top-down approach whereby the role of the BOD is to convey the shareholders' expectations to Senior Management which in turn formulates the Bank's objectives and strategies into annual and 5-year business plan. The business plans and strategies are then presented to the Board for review and approval.

On February 2, 2022, the Bank's 2022-2026 business plans were presented to the Board. After deliberating, the directors approved Management's projections and recommendations.

The presentation and deliberation of the 2021-2025 business plans were conducted on February 3, 2021.

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