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Subsidiaries and Affiliate

ChinaBank Savings, Inc. (CBS)
China Bank Savings, Inc. (CBS) began operations on September 8, 2008 following the acquisition of Manila Bank by China Bank in 2007. Subsequent mergers with Unity Bank and Planters Development bank have bolstered CBS’ position as a leading thrift bank in the industry. With 153 branches nationwide and a strong platform for retail banking, auto, housing, DepEd and enterprise finance, CBS is able to service the growing needs of the broader consumer and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market. It is committed to promoting financial inclusiveness, and uplifting the quality of life of consumers and entrepreneurs in line with its personalized brand of service.

China Bank Capital Corporation (CBCAP)
China Bank Capital Corporation is the investment house subsidiary of China Bank. The investment house aims to provide clients with a wide range of services that include debt and equity capital raising and underwriting, project finance, mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory services to all public and private companies. China Bank Capital has acted as issue manager, arranger and underwriter in various landmark deals. In 2016, it established a stock brokerage house, China Bank Securities Corporation, and a special purpose corporation.

China Bank Securities Corporation (CBSEC)
China Bank Securities Corporation (“China Bank Securities”) is the wholly-owned stock brokerage subsidiary of China Bank Capital Corporation (“China Bank Capital”). China Bank Securities is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to engage in broker-dealer activities and is also a Trading Participant in the Philippine Stock Exchange (“PSE”).

China Bank Securities was previously known as ATC Securities, Inc. prior to the approval of the change to its current name last July 6, 2017.

ATC Securities originally started out as Cathay Asia Securities, Inc. which was incorporated on December 13, 1978. On April 12, 1984, Cathay Asia Securities changed its name to ATC Securities, Inc. which was subsequently acquired by China Bank Capital on March 06, 2017.

Our primary businesses are to provide our clients with stock brokerage as well as securities research and analysis services.

China Bank Properties and Computer Center, Inc. (PCCI)
CBC Properties and Computer Center, Inc. (PCCI ) was created on April 14, 1982 to provide computer-related services solely to the China Bank group. It manages the Bank’s electronic banking and e-commerce requirements, including sourcing, developing and maintaining software and hardware, financial systems, access devices and networks to foster the safety and soundness of China Bank’s technology infrastructure and keep its processing capabilities in top shape.

Chinabank Insurance Brokers, Inc. (CIBI)
Chinabank Insurance Brokers, Inc. (CIBI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank. The Company was established on November 3, 1998 as a full service insurance brokerage. It provides direct insurance broking for retail and corporate customers, with a wide and comprehensive range of plans for life and non-life insurance. Under the Non-Life insurance category, programs for residential, personal, corporate and industrial clients are available, with insurance coverages such as Property, Motor, Marine, Accident, and Liability. The life insurance retail products include Whole Life, Endowment, Investment-Linked, Education, Term and Life Protection with Hospitalization and Critical Illness Cover.


Manulife-China Bank Life Assurance Corporation (MCBL)
Manulife-China Bank Life Assurance Corporation (MCBL) is the bancassurance affiliate of China Bank, which was formed when the Bank entered into a strategic partnership with Manulife Philippines in 2007, giving our clients direct access to innovative financial solutions and products that can help them achieve protection and financial growth. In 2014, China Bank raised its equity stake in MCBL to 40%.

2016 saw MCBL start a partnership with actor Richard Yap as its brand ambassador. A respected actor, successful family man, and devoted family man, he is the embodiment of many of MCBL customers’ aspirations. Apart from being an actor, he is also an entrepreneur with several restaurants and a pet grooming chain under his name. He has also been one of the brand ambassadors of Manulife Philippines for the past three years. 

By end 2016, MCBL posted a 48% year on year growth--the highest among its peers. In terms of groups of companies, Manulife + MCBL ranks third in premium income, next only to Philam Life + BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corp and Sun Life + Sun Life Grepa.

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