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Employee Benefit Plan

A retirement plan is a vital part of a company’s employee benefits offering which helps drive employee retention and satisfaction.  Aside from this, setting up a retirement/employee benefit fund—a mandate for all private corporations, except retail, service, and agricultural establishments with less than ten employees (RA 7641)— helps companies avoid unnecessary cash flow disruptions brought about by the payment of retirement benefits and enjoy possible direct cash benefits by way of tax savings.  With China Bank Trust and Asset Management Group as your company’s retirement fund trustee/fund manager, you have a reliable partner to:   

  • Assist in the development of the retirement plan rules and regulations, coordinate with the actuary, and register the retirement plan with the  BIR for tax qualification
  • Develop and implement appropriate investment strategies to maximize portfolio yield, taking into consideration your company’s  objectives, risk tolerance, tax status, and liquidity needs, among others
  • Administer the plan in accordance with its specific provisions, terms and conditions,  with a dedicated a Portfolio Officer who will personally attend to your queries and service any requirements pertaining to your trust account

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Collecting and Paying Agency

The timely and accurate payment of dividends, interests, and principal redemptions is very important to both issuers and holders of Common Shares, Preferred Shares, Promissory Notes, and Corporate Bonds. With China Bank Trust and Asset Management Group as your company’s collecting and paying agent, you benefit from:

  • accurate preparation and timely delivery of dividend/interest checks to various holders of the shares/notes/bonds
  • the convenience of only dealing with China Bank instead of directly with all the investors/creditors

Facility Agency, Security Trusteeship and Paying Agency

China Bank Trust and Asset Management Group provides quality services to corporate borrowers (issuer) and lenders (noteholders) to administer and service syndicated loan facilities and simultaneously serve as a mediator.

As facility agent, our services include:

  1. Monitoring compliance and coordinating with the issuer, bookrunner, and noteholders in relation to the performance of their respective responsibilities under the Facility Agreement
  2. Disseminating notices/information to all concerned to ensure compliance with the loan agreement 
  3. Calculating and distributing the periodic interest payments and principal repayments
  4. Maintaining and administering the Debt Service Account

As securities trustee and paying agent, our services include:

  • Expediting the process of lending and borrowing by coordinating with all the parties concerned with the transaction
  • Ensuring satisfactory drafting, execution, and holding of security documents to the satisfaction of lenders
  • Disseminating information to the lenders and the borrower on any matter pertaining to the covenants or terms or conditions of the loan and security
  • Monitoring the loan and taking such appropriate action as may be requested by the lenders on the occurrence of an event of default
  • Providing a common forum for the lenders by convening meetings as and when required by the lenders
  • Disbursing the periodic interest payments to lenders

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