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Short-Term Working Capital Loans

Whether to strengthen your cash flow, or help fund your day to day operations, China Bank has a wide variety of Short-Term Working Capital Loans designed to help leverage on your existing collateral and answer your working capital needs.

Our comprehensive list of Short-Term Working Capital Loans

Discounting of Post Dated Checks
Discounting of post dated checks allows the corporate borrower to convert its post dated checks into cash.

Export Advances and Loans
This facility allows corporate clients engaged in the export business to avail of pre-export financing for purchasing raw materials and paying overhead expenses.

Export Bills Purchased
This facility allows corporate clients to assign or sell to the bank either “on collection” or by outright purchase to the bank in order to obtain working capital for the next export shipment.

Import Letters of Credit
These allow the client to purchase raw materials both locally or from abroad using the Bank’s Letters of Credit as collateral.
Domestic Letters of Credit Trust Receipts
The Trust Receipt allows the client to sell goods which are consigned to them.
Receivable Purchase Loan
A Receivable Purchase Loan allows a client to assign or sell its receivables to the bank, thereby ensuring the liquidity and manageability of its funds.

Loan Line
A Loan Line allows clients to avail of funds for general working capital requirements.

Ominbus Line 
An Omnibus Line allows clients the flexibility to avail of different types of loan or trade facilities.

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