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Diversify your portfolio and maximize its earning potential in the hands of investment professionals.

Investment Management Account

Through our Investment Management Account (IMA), a flexible fund management arrangement, you can be sure that your portfolio will be proactively taken care of by China Bank Trust & Asset Management Group (TAMG) on a full time basis, in all market situations.

The arrangement could be discretionary, wherein China Bank TAMG has full authority to make investment decisions, considering the pre-agreed investment guidelines; or directional, wherein investment decisions require prior client consent. 


  • Professional fund management with flexibility on investment mandate
  • Dedicated Trust Relationship Officer
  • Access to a wide range of financial instruments across various asset types for risk diversification and to maximize returns on investment
  • Customized portfolio design and management according to your investment objectives, liquidity requirement, yield expectation, and risk tolerance
  • Regular updates on the market movements and the value of your investments

Personal Management Trust

Enjoy peace of mind that your assets will be preserved and passed on to your loved ones according to your wishes. We offer Personal Management Trust (PMT), a living trust agreement wherein China Bank TAMG acts as Trustee to manage a portion of your wealth or estate for your own and/or your beneficiaries’ financial security. 


  • Portfolio wherein you can access wide range of investment outlets without opening multiple accounts
  • Professional management of your funds to benefit from the market knowledge, investing experience, and discipline of our fund managers
  • Wealth distribution by assigning your designated beneficiary/ies and defining your dispositive provision on how you would want to pass on your wealth.   This will ensure fair and equitable distribution based on your instructions
  • Flexibility to choose the type of trust arrangement, whether revocable or irrevocable.  Where in the case of irrevocable trust arrangements, assets will not be subject to estate tax
  • Dedicated Trust Relationship Officer who will assist you with all your Trust related needs

To open an IMA and/or PMT or for more information, please visit any China Bank branch or call China Bank Trust and Asset Management Group - Sales and Marketing Division at (632) 8885-5841 / 8885-5875 / 8672-9644 / 8230-6904, or email

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