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Disclosure and Transparency
China Bank is committed to a high standard of disclosure and transparency to facilitate understanding of the Bank’s true financial condition and the quality of our corporate governance. All material information about China Bank is adequately and punctually disclosed, in accordance with SEC and PSE’s disclosure policy. In addition to compliance with the reportorial requirements, like publishing our quarterly financial statements in leading newspapers and producing a comprehensive annual report for the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, we promptly disclose major and market-sensitive information like dividend declarations, joint ventures and acquisitions, sale and disposition of significant assets, as well as financial and non-financial information that may affect the investment decision of the investing public, in the form of press releases in newspapers and reports in our internal publication. We also electronically file our disclosures through the Electronic Disclosure Generation Technology (Edge) of PSE which are then posted on the PSE website. Our corporate website is likewise regularly updated to include the latest news and current information about the Bank.

SEC and PSE Filings

Analyst/Media Briefings
The Investor Relations Office briefs industry and credit analysts on the Bank’s operational and financial results, current developments, prospects and projections. In the last three years, the following analyst briefings were conducted:

May 2016 Media / Analyst Briefing
Penthouse, China Bank Building

  • Quarterly IR Presentations to Analysts/Investor Meetings


IR Presentation 2Q 2022
IR Presentation 1Q 2022


IR Presentation FY 2021
IR Presentation 3Q 2021
IR Presentation 2Q 2021
IR Presentation 1Q 2021


IR Presentation FY 2020
IR Presentation 3Q 2020
IR Presentation 2Q 2020
IR Presentation 1Q 2020


IR Presentation FY 2019
IR Presentation 3Q 2019
IR Presentation 2Q 2019
IR Presentation 1Q 2019


IR Presentation FY 2018
IR Presentation 3Q 2018
IR Presentation 2Q 2018
IR Presentation 1Q 2018


IR Presentation FY 2017
IR Presentation 3Q 2017
IR Presentation 2Q 2017
IR Presentation 1Q 2017


IR Presentation FY 2016
IR Presentation 3Q 2016
IR Presentation 2Q 2016
IR Presentation 1Q 2016


IR Presentation FY 2015
IR Presentation 3Q 2015
IR Presentation 2Q 2015
IR Presentation 1Q 2015


IR Presentation FY 2014
IR Presentation 3Q 2014
IR Presentation 2Q 2014
IR Presentation 1Q 2014


IR Presentations 1Q and 2Q 2012


Investors' Briefing held in Makati Shangrila last June 10, 2019

Investors' Briefing held in Makati Shangrila last June 10, 2019

China Bank PHP Bonds Final Offering Circular

  • 2017 Stock Rights Offer Investor and Analyst Briefing

April 7, 2017 Investor Briefing on Stocks Rights Offer
Penthouse, China Bank Building

    • SM Corporate Days / Analyst / Investor Meetings


    • SM Group Corporate Days - Nomura Securities, Tokyo, Japan Aug 8-9, 2016
      Nomura Securities
      L-R: Mike Ozaeta of Nomura, Alexander Escucha of China Bank, Aaron Co of SMIC, Tim Daniels of SMIC, Alex Pomento of SMPH, Chito Reyes of BDO, Richard Tan of BDO, and Totsuka of Nomura
    • SM Group Corporate Days - UBS Securities, Hong Kong Aug 11-12, 2016
      UBS Securities
      L-R: Tim Daniels of SMIC, Cora Guidote of SMIC, Ann Tecson of UBS, Richard Tan of BDO, and Alexander Escucha of China Bank 


    • J.P. Morgan’s Philippines 1x1 Conference 2015 – Feb 2-3
    • SM Corporate Days - Deutsche Bank DBAccess Philippines, Mar 17-19 (HK, Singapore)
    • Quarterly IR Presentations to Analysts/Investor Meeting


    • SM Group Corporate Day - UBS, March 11-14 (HK, Singapore)


    • SM Corporate Day/Macquarie Securities - March


    • JP Morgan Philippine Conference at Shangrila, Makati - January 30-31
    • UBS Non-Deal Roadshow (NDR) for the SM Group - June 18-19 (Singapore) and June 20 (Hong Kong)


    • Macquarie Securities in Singapore - January
    • Media briefings are also conducted to launch new products and to announce major developments. We hosted the following briefings for our thrift bank subsidiary China Bank Saving (CBS).


    • CBS Easi Padala Press Briefing at the China Bank H.O. Penthouse - June 18


    • CBS Mini Branch Press Briefing at the China Bank H.O. Penthouse - August 2


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