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Delighting and engaging customers

Customer advocacy is the foundation of our Customer Service and Consumer Protection frameworks. We work hard to make our customers happy and engage them to know what they need, how we can help them, and how we can create great customer experiences. By advocating for our customers, we earn their loyalty and enjoy the reward of mutual advocacy.


Caring for our customers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world on a scale never seen before, changing how we live and work in the present and how we might go on in the future. Normal preferences have shifted as customers exercise caution and focus on more essential concerns— safety, financial security, and everyday conveniences. Against this backdrop, we focused on delivering experiences and service that meet customers’ new needs with empathy and care. We leveraged technology to improve customer service, to provide more ways to communicate, and to multiply our reach. We connected with our customers on an emotional level to offer our support and to reassure them we will get through this crisis together.


Customer satisfaction

Maintaining high customer satisfaction levels takes continuous team effort. We have dedicated teams, systems, and programs in place to understand the expectations and requirements of our customers, measure how well we are satisfying these expectations and requirements, and develop service and product standards based on the findings. 

In 2020, even during the quarantine periods, we operated as many branches as practicable to serve our customers, and continued with our Branch Customers Satisfaction Survey to gauge the level of customer satisfaction at the branch level. The results show that branch customer satisfaction has been increasing for the last four years across all metrics:


Complaint resolution

We view customer complaints as opportunities to improve our services. We are committed to resolve complaints to our customers’ satisfaction, within the turnaround time set by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), and in line with our Consumer Protection Framework. Our consumer protection risk management system ensures that CCC, our designated Consumer Assistance Office, is on top of all customer concerns and reports material complaints to the Risk Management Group and the Board.

Consumer Protection

Our centralized complaints management program enables us to facilitate successful coordination among teams to investigate the root cause of issues, identify resolutions, and develop action plans.

In the past two years, 97% of the complaints were resolved within BSP’s standard turn-around time. For the second time in 2019, China Bank won the BSP’s Pagtugon Award for Universal and Commercial Banks in recognition of our outstanding performance in responding to customer concerns.

In 2020, we strived to uphold our pre-coronavirus operating standards, implementing some workarounds as needed, to ensure that inquiries are responded to immediately or on the next banking day, and that requests and complaints are duly acknowledged within the prescribed period and recorded using our centralized complaints management program for proper monitoring, resolution, and reporting.


Cyber security

We provide a safe and secure banking environment for our customers. We have technologies, policies, and protective mechanisms in place to guard our IT network and digital channels against cyber attacks.

Consumer Protection
  • Up-to-date technology and stringent control processes are in place for detecting, preventing, monitoring (24/7), and immediately responding to attacks and attempts to invade our infrastructure
  • Security tools and protocols are regularly monitored and upgraded to conform with the strictest security and reliability standards
  • EMV compliant since 2017
  • One-Time password (OTP) feature for China Bank Online and China Bank Mobile App
  • External and internal campaigns on fraud and cybercrime are conducted to raise awareness among customers and employees of the ongoing threats

As we accelerate China Bank’s digital transformation, we continue to strengthen our security foundation with preventive, detective, and responsive layers, while proactively enforcing cyber security governance bank wide. At the onset of the pandemic, we redoubled our cyber security efforts not only internally, but also to create stronger awareness among our customers and the banking public on the increased threat of scams and online threats. We released security tips and reminders on China Bank’s website and social media accounts. In 2020, no significant cyber-attacks were recorded.


Data privacy

We are committed to protect our customers’ confidential information.  As a general policy, customer’s information cannot be shared with a third party unless there is a written consent of the customer, or in cases where disclosure is required (Anti-Money Laundering Law, Credit Information System Act, court order, BSP examination). We regularly review and update our Information Security Policy to ensure our strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Access to systems and resources are managed efficiently, following the changes necessary to maintain security for accessing and changing systems and information
  • Contracts entered into by China Bank and third parties include confidentiality clauses that must be followed by service providers; regular monitoring of the supplier environment is conducted to identify and correct possible vulnerabilities
  • Employees receive continuous trainings on information security, data privacy, and fraud prevention
  • Clients are duly informed of their rights to privacy and the way in which their personal information is handled

Our Information Security Office (ISO) is responsible for developing, updating, and implementing China Bank’s Information Security Plan. The Plan covers among others, the identification and assessment of the risks to customer information in each relevant area of operation, and the design, implementation, and monitoring of our safeguard program. In 2020, no significant data privacy breaches were recorded.



Communication is a vital tool to strengthen our brand value and connect with customers. We are committed to providing clear, accurate, truthful, and accessible information not only to promote China Bank, but more importantly, to encourage saving and how to fully benefit from our banking products and services, and to help customers make informed financial decisions. We are continuously improving our communications to engage our customers across all media and platforms.

  • Consumer information materials mandated by the BSP are prominently displayed in our branches
  • Marketing materials contain clear and accurate information about charges, rates, characteristics and conditions of our products and services
  • Advertisements comply with the rules and regulations of the Advertising Standards Council
  • Important announcements on marketing promotions, temporary service interruption, changes in rates or product features, transfer of branch locations, or any other information that customers need to know are released well in advance or as soon as practicable
  • Practical tips on financial wellness, protecting the environment, and disaster preparedness are regularly disseminated
  • Branch personnel and Phonebankers are adequately trained to answer questions about our products and services, explain the risks that certain products and services carry, and advise customers on financial matters

Even during the quarantine periods, we operated as many branches as practicable to serve our customers, and continued with our Branch Customers Satisfaction Survey to gauge the level of customer satisfaction at the branch level. The results show that branch customer satisfaction has been increasing for the last four years across all metrics.

Customer support

Our customers can reach us anytime with their banking concerns.

  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT (Press “0” to speak to a phone banker) (+632) 888-55-888 Metro Manila
  • Toll-free numbers:
    1800-1888-5-888 (PLDT) Province
    001-800-1-888-5888 Hong Kong / Singapore / Korea / Thailand
    00-800-1-888-5888 Italy/China
    011-800-1-888-5888 USA/Canada
    0011-800-1-888-5888 Australia
    010-800-1-888-5888: 0061010-800-1-888-5888 (mobile phone/pay phone) Japan
  • Customer Contact Center China Bank Building, 8745 Paseo de Roxas corner Villar Street, Makati City 1226 Philippines 
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