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35percent OFF at ShippingCart


I. Qualifications:
The Promo is open to all China Bank Credit Card Cardholders ("Cardholders") whose accounts are active, current, and in good­­ credit standing*.

II. Program Details:
Cardholders are entitled to the following offers at ShippingCart:

35% OFF on shipping fees
Available to first time users of ShippingCart only
No minimum weight required
Valid on Air Cargo shipments only
Valid for one-time availment
August 20, 2021
to January 31, 2022

Valid for one-time use
20% OFF on shipping fees
Available to current/existing users of ShippingCart
12 lbs min. weight required
Valid on Air Cargo shipments only
Valid for multiple availments
November 15
to December 15, 2021
Valid for multiple use

III. How to Avail of the Offer:

  1. Open the ShippingCart mobile app or visit
  2. Sign in or create a new account to get your United States, United Kingdom, and Australia addresses. These will be your delivery addresses for your US, UK or AU online shopping.
  3. Shop in more than 100K online shops in the US, UK or AU. Make sure to indicate your ShippingCart US, UK or AU delivery address upon check out.
  4. Wait for your items to be posted on your ShippingCart account. ShippingCart will be informing you via e-mail or app notification once items are in your Cart.
  5. Go to the “Cart” page and declare the value of the items shopped and select the shipping method. Click “Proceed to Payment”.
  6. On the “Check Out” screen, choose payment method, and input your China Bank Credit Card details and delivery address in the Philippines.
  7. Input the China Bank code in the Promo Code field.
  8. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click “Pay and Ship” to finalize the transaction.

IV. Terms and Conditions:

  1. Shipping Rates are subject to change based on the prevailing exchange rate.
  2. Door-to-door delivery fees are applied to the entire parcel and not on a per item basis.
  3. ShippingCart rates are inclusive of all taxes.
  4. Shipment cost is computed using pounds (lbs.) and U.S. Dollars. The conversion of U.S. Dollars to Philippine Pesos shall use the current exchange rate of major U.S. online stores (i.e. Amazon), and shall be subject to change.
  5. Air Cargo is charged based on Chargeable Weight. Shipment cost for Air Cargo shall be calculated as follows: Chargeable Weight x Rate + Fixed Fee + Insurance Fees (if any).
  6. The chargeable weight for your package is its actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher, based on industry practices. However, ShippingCart does not round up the chargeable weight. Sample computation:

    Exchange Rate: US$1=Php53

    Air Cargo
    Chargeable Weight
    x Rate per pound
    + Fixed Fee
    Example: Actual Weight: 5lbs

    5lbs x US$6.99 + US$10 = US$44.95

    5lbs x Php370.47 + Php530 = Php2,382.35

    Definition of terms:
    • Chargeable Weight – is the item’s actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher, based on industry practices.
    • Actual Weight – is the actual weight of the item in pounds (lbs.)
    • Volumetric Weight – computed as Length x Width x Height of the items in inches divided by 166
    • Fixed Fee – Rate for consolidation and door-to-door delivery fees. Door-to-door delivery fee is US$10 for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  7. Storage Fee is free for the first 30 days. After this period, ShippingCart will charge US$0.14 for each day in excess.
  8. To qualify for the promo offer, the Cardholder must use his/her China Bank Credit Card for payment at ShippingCart.
  9. The promo offer cannot be exchanged for cash, credit, or other products.
  10. The promo is non-cumulative and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotions, and discounted items unless specified.
  11. The terms and conditions governing the issuance and use of China Bank Credit Cards are incorporated herein by reference and made integral hereof.
  12. Any complaint or dispute concerning the performance and/or delivery of services related to the promo shall be settled directly between the Cardholder and ShippingCart with the concurrence of DTI. 
  13. In the event that the Cardholder was able to claim the discount and was subsequently proven to have violated any of the promo mechanics and/or terms and conditions governing the use of his/her China Bank Credit Card, China Bank reserves the right to charge the cost of the discount to the Cardholder's Credit Card account.
  14. In case of disputes related to the promo, the decision of China Bank with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.
  15. By joining this promo, the Cardholder confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by the mechanics of the promo

V. Customer Support
For any further concerns and questions about ShippingCart’s services, please e-mail

For general concerns on the promo or Credit Card account, please call China Bank’s Customer Service Hotline at +632 888-55-888 or e-mail

*Cardholders in good credit standing are those whose accounts are active and current and not blocked, delinquent or past due, not under any collections repayment program or special installment, non-investigation due to suspected fraudulent activities, or those whose Credit Cards are not reported lost or stolen, and those who have not otherwise, violated any of the Terms and Conditions governing China Bank Credit Cards.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-125200 Series of 2021

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