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China Bank Credit Cards Reward Program

Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

Definition of Terms
As used herein, the following terms shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires. 

"Account" refers to the China Bank Credit Card account of the Cardholder.

"Bank" refers to China Banking Corporation.

"Card" refers to China Bank Prime, Freedom, Platinum, or World Credit Card.

"Cardholder" refers to the Principal Cardholder and his/her Supplementary Cardholder/s, if any.

"Principal Cardholder" means the person for whom the Account is issued by the Bank.

"Supplementary Cardholder" means any person, who, upon the application of the Principal Cardholder, is issued a Card.

"Good Credit Standing" refers to accounts that are active, not over limit, not delinquent/past due or under investigation due to fraudulent activities, not reported lost or stolen and have not violated any of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of China Bank Credit Cards.

"Merchant Category Code" or MCC refers to merchant category description as prescribed by Mastercard and used/assigned by the acquiring bank.

“Acquiring Bank” refers to a financial institution that processes credit card payments on behalf of a merchant.

"Rewards Catalogue" refers to the list of Rewards Items available for redemption and the equivalent Rewards Points to redeem the Rewards Items.

"Rewards Program" means the China Bank Credit Card Rewards Points Program offered by the Bank, as described in these Terms and Conditions.

"Rewards Points" means the points earned through usage of the Card as specified in these Terms and Conditions.

"Rewards Item/s" means the good/s and service/s available for redemption in exchange for Rewards Points.

"Service Merchants" means merchants belonging to Supermarkets, Drugstores, Fuel, Utilities, and Insurance/Insurance Premium categories.

"Standard Merchants" means merchants other than the Service Merchants.

"Posting Date" refers to the date when the details of your particular Card transactions are reflected on the Account.

  1. Eligibility
    1. The Rewards Program is open to all Cardholders in good credit standing at the time of rewards redemption and as defined herein unless otherwise determined by the Bank.
    2. The Bank has the right to disqualify a Cardholder from the Rewards Program if it deems that a Cardholder has violated any of the Terms and Conditions herein and/or the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of China Bank Credit Cards. Disqualification automatically results to the Cardholder’s nonparticipation in the Rewards Program and the forfeiture of all Rewards Points earned.

  2. Accumulation of Rewards Points
    1. Qualified transactions will earn the following Rewards Points:
      Prime/Platinum/World Php25=1 Rewards Point Php200=1 Rewards Point
      Freedom Php20 = 1 Rewards Point
    2. The following Merchant Category fall under "Service Merchants":
      4812 Telecommunications Equipment including telephone sales
      4814 Telecommunication service
      4899 Cable and other pay television (previously Cable Services)
      4900 Electric, Gas, Sanitary and Water Utilities
      5411 Grocery Stores, Supermarkets
      5541 Service Stations (with or without ancillary services)
      5912 Drug Stores and Pharmacies
      6300 Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums
      Note: The Bank follows the MCC assignment of the acquiring bank of the merchant and has no control on the assignment thereof.
    3. Foreign Currency transactions will be converted to its Philippine Peso equivalent prior to the computation of Rewards Points. The conversion will be based on the current conversion rate at the posting date of the Cardholder’s transaction. 
    4. Qualified transactions, local or international, for earning of Rewards Points include: retail transactions, mail order/ telephone order transactions and e-commerce transactions. 
    5. Non-qualified transactions for earning Rewards Points include: wholesale/warehouse merchants/clubs (under MCC 5300 and Suy Sing), installment transactions (merchant installment, pre-terminated installments, balance transfer installment, transaction conversion installment, balance conversion installment, and cash installment), auto-charge bills payment, cash advances, utilities (not defined in b. Merchant Category under "Service Merchants"), refunded or disputed transactions, unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, quasi-cash transactions, annual membership fees, and all other fees and charges. 
    6. The Bank may, from time to time and its sole discretion, amend the list of qualified and non-qualified transactions, with notice to the Cardholder. 
    7. Rewards Points accumulated by both the Principal Cardholder and the Supplementary Cardholder will be credited to the Principal Cardholder’s Account.
    8. Rewards Points earned by the Cardholder will be reflected in the monthly Statement of Account (SOA). If within thirty (30) days from receipt of the monthly SOA, the Cardholder does not dispute the number of Rewards Points earned for that particular billing cycle, the Rewards Points earned as reflected on the SOA shall be deemed correct.
    9. The Bank will reverse Rewards Points related to disputed/charged back transactions on the month that the disputed/charged back transaction has been resolved in favor of the Cardholder even if such reversal causes the Rewards Points to have a negative balance.

  3. Redemption of Reward Items
    1. To redeem, the Principal Cardholder should contact China Bank Customer Service Hotline at +632 888-55-888 or Domestic Toll Free Number 1-800-1888-5888 or email
    2. Only Principal Cardholders are qualified to redeem Rewards Items in the denominations indicated in the Rewards Catalogue. 
    3. The Account must be valid, not over limit, and in good credit standing at the time of redemption.
    4. Rewards Points are non-transferable to any other person and non-convertible to cash.
    5. All redemptions are final. Once redemption has been made, the Cardholder cannot cancel, revoke, or change the Rewards Items redeemed. 

  4. Rewards Catalogue  
    The Principal Cardholder may redeem the following Rewards Items once he/she has accumulated the corresponding required Rewards Points:
    1. Cash Credits

    2. Mabuhay Miles
      Prime/Platinum/World1,000 Miles8,000
      Freedom1,000 Miles27,500

    3. Annual Membership Fee Waiver
      Full AMF

      Half AMF

      500 Off AMF
  5. Air Miles Redemption
    1. A Principal Cardholder may use his/her existing Mabuhay Miles account upon redemption of Rewards Points to Mabuhay Miles, provided that the name in his/her Card is the same as the name reflected in his/her Mabuhay Miles account. If Cardholder does not have a Mabuhay Miles account, he/she may enroll via before redeeming.
    2. Mabuhay Miles redemption intended for a Mabuhay Miles account with a different name is not allowed.
    3. Principal Cardholders enrolled with the Mabuhay Miles loyalty program are subject to, and must comply with the terms and conditions of the Mabuhay Miles Loyalty Program.
    4. Mabuhay Miles shall be credited to the Principal Cardholder’s Mabuhay Miles account within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of redemption.

  6. Disclaimers

    The validity of the redeemed Rewards Items will be subject to the existing terms and conditions of the service providers, if applicable.

  7. Forfeiture of Rewards Points
    1. In the event that the Principal Cardholder’s Account is past due or delinquent, he/she may, at the option of the Bank, redeem his/her earned Rewards Points within the prescribed redemption period after his/her Account/s is/are fully paid.
    2. All available Rewards Points will immediately be forfeited in favor of the Bank once the Principal Cardholder’s Account turns ninety (90) calendar days delinquent.
    3. Cancellation of the Card of the Principal Cardholder, whether voluntary or involuntary, shall result in the automatic forfeiture of any and all of the Rewards Points available or earned.
    4. Fraud, abuse, and disputed transactions relating to the earning of points in the Rewards Program or redemption of items, as reasonably determined by the Bank may result in forfeiture of earned Rewards Points.

  8. Miscellaneous Provisions
    1. Transfer of Rewards Points from a terminated/cancelled Card account to any other current/active Card is not allowed.
    2. Rewards Points of upgraded, downgraded, converted, or consolidated Cards will follow the Rewards Points Conversion and Consolidation policy set solely by the Bank. 
    3. Should the Cardholder cancel his/her Card with a negative Rewards Points balance resulting from reversals, such Rewards Points will be converted and included in the total amount due to the Cardholder.
    4. Should any violation occur after redemption has been made, the Bank reserves the right to defer and/or stop the processing of the redemption request, or if already fulfilled, charge back the cost of the Rewards Item/s without prior notice to the Cardholder.
    5. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Rewards Program or eligibility of Rewards Points for redemption of items including transfer of Rewards Points to a Partner Program will be resolved by the Bank at its sole discretion.
    6. The Rewards Program Terms and Conditions may, from time to time, be modified by the Bank, at its sole discretion, with notice to the Cardholder.
    7. The Bank shall be entitled to have a service provider/s carry out any, all or part of the Rewards Program on its behalf. The Cardholder consents and hereby authorizes the Bank to supply any such service provider/s with such information as may be necessary or required for them to perform their duties.
    8. The  Cardholder agrees to hold the Bank or any of its officers, employees, or representatives free and harmless from any and all claims, liabilities and damages, causes or choses of action, losses, taxes, expenses, fees, penalties, including attorney’s fees and the like of whatever nature and kind which the Bank or any of its officers, employees, or representatives, may at any time, sustain or incur or be made liable arising from or in connection with the claim, availment,  processing, or redemption of any Rewards Points by the  Principal Cardholder.
    9. Cardholders are ultimately responsible for the tax treatment/tax implication, if any, whether it be for a final tax or tax on income, of Rewards Items redeemed. The Bank gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility as to the ultimate tax treatment or any potential tax implication on redemption. In the event any Rewards Item redeemed should result to an income tax or other tax liability to the Cardholder, said income tax or other tax liability, if any, shall be shouldered by the Cardholder.

  9. Agreement to Terms and Conditions

    By participating in the Rewards Program, the Principal Cardholder acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the foregoing Rewards Points Program Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of China Bank Credit Cards.

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