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MasterCard Identity Check FAQs

1. What is Mastercard Identity Check?
Mastercard Identity Check is an online security feature to further enhance your China Bank Mastercard against unauthorized transactions.  This feature requires you, the Cardholder, to enter a password to complete a purchase transaction when you shop at online merchants that participate in the Mastercard Identity Check platform.

2. What is the Mastercard Identity Check? How is this different from Mastercard SecureCode?
Mastercard Identity Check replaces Mastercard SecureCode as the service brand for Cardholder authentication for online transactions. Effective 1st October 2018, your previously nominated 3D Secure Static Password will no longer be valid.  Instead, you will be sent a One-Time Password (OTP) to your mobile number on record to complete your transactions in participating 3D Secure e-commerce websites.

3. How do I get my Mastercard Identity Check OTP?
Cardholders with mobile number on record are automatically enrolled in this facility.  Your OTP will be sent to your mobile number on record each time you make an online purchase at participating 3D Secure e-commerce websites. To ensure receipt of your OTP, please keep your mobile number updated by calling China Bank Customer Service 24/7 Hotline +632 888-55-888 or Domestic Toll-Free Number 1-800-1888-5888.

4. How does Mastercard Identity Check work?
When you purchase using your China Bank Mastercard at participating 3D Secure e-commerce websites, you will be brought to an authentication page where you will be asked to enter your OTP.

The OTP you entered will then be sent to and validated by China Bank.  If China Bank is able to successfully validate the OTP, you will be allowed to complete your purchase transaction.  On the other hand, if the OTP entered is found to be invalid, the transaction will be declined.

5. How long is the validity of my OTP?
Your OTP will be valid within 5 minutes.

6. What should I do if I did not receive my OTP?
First, make sure that you have an updated mobile number on record to ensure receipt of your OTP. To know if your mobile number on record is updated, check the last 2 digits of your mobile number as indicated in the authentication page of the merchant website.

If the last two (2) digits of the mobile number on the screen is different, please call China Bank Customer Service 24/7 Hotline at +632 888-55-888 or Domestic Toll-Free Number 1-800-1888-5888.

7. How do I know whether a merchant participates in Mastercard Identity Check?
Participating merchants will display the  logo on their site.

8. Will I be able to make purchases at online merchants that accept Mastercard, but do not participate in Mastercard Identity Check?
Yes, but you will not be asked for an OTP if you make a purchase at a non-3D Secure e-commerce website.


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