Your Guide to Electronic Statement of Accounts (e-SOA)


>  What is an Electronic Statement of Account or e-SOA?
An Electronic Statement of Account or e-SOA is the online or paperless version of your monthly billing statement. Like your paper statements, it contains the summary of all the transactions and payments made with your credit card during the billing cycle.


>  How do I enroll in e-SOA?
No enrollment required. Cardholders are automatically sent their e-SOA as long as they have a valid e-mail address on record. To update your e-mail address, you may e-mail or call China Bank Customer Service Hotline at | +632 888‑55‑888 | Domestic Toll-Free Number at 1-800-1888-5888 (PLDT).


>  When do I receive my e-SOA?
You will receive an e-mail with the subject “Your China Bank Mastercard Electronic Statement” from the sender as early as one day after your e-SOA is generated.

>  How do I know if my e-SOA has been delivered?
You will receive an SMS alert in your mobile number on record from sender CBC_SOA once your e-SOA has been sent via e-mail.

>  What should I do if I'm not receiving my e-SOA?
Always check your Spam/Junk inbox in case your e-SOA is transferred there from your main inbox. To avoid your e-SOA from being treated as spam/junk mail, you may perform the following

  1. Save in your e-mail address book
  2. Go to the e-mail of your e-SOA in your Spam/Junk inbox and click "Not A Spam" or "Report Not Spam"

Ensure that your inbox is not full to avoid bounced e-mails. If you are still not receiving your e-SOA, you may call or e-mail our Customer Service to update your e-mail address on record.


>  How do I view my e-SOA?
To view your e-SOA, you simply have to download or launch the attached password-protected PDF file from your e-mail, use a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and type your default password to view the document. You will find the guide on your password and how to open your e-SOA in the e-mail.


>  What are the benefits of e-SOA?

  • Faster Delivery and Convenient Access
    As it is in electronic form, you can easily view your billing statements anytime, anywhere.
  • Safe and Secure
    Your billing information is secure since your e-SOA is sent to your e-mail address on record in a password-protected file.
  • Less Clutter, No More Misplaced Statements
    You can view your current and past monthly statements online without accumulating pages of paper statements. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.
  • Hassle-free Updating
    You can simply email or call our Customer Service to update your e-mail address on record.