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Bank Fees and Charges

Effective April 2022, the following Bank FEES AND CHARGES will apply:

Account Maintenance Fee
Monthly Fee for Falling Below Minimum ADB Requirement
(for at least 2 consecutive months)
Peso Current Account PHP 300.00 
Peso Savings Account PHP 300.00 
US Dollar Savings Account USD 5.00
Euro Savings Account EUR 5.00
Chinese Yuan Savings Account CNY 30.00
Japanese Yen Savings Account JPY 500
Fee for Closing Account within 90 Days from Date of Opening
Peso Savings Account PHP 300.00
US Dollar Savings Account USD 5.00 
Euro Savings Account EUR 5.00
Chinese Yuan Savings Account CNY 30.00
Japanese Yen Savings Account JPY 500
ATM / Cash Card / Passbook Fee
ATM / Cash Card Transactions  
Balance Inquiry  
Via China Bank / China Bank Savings ATM No charge
Via BancNet Member ATM Fee varies per Bank
Via China Bank / China Bank Savings ATM No charge
Via BancNet Member ATM Fee varies per Bank
Via Over-the-Counter (for Cash Card closure only) PHP 50.00
Via POS (additional Convenience Fee shall be deducted for every withdrawal) PHP 15.00
ATM Card Replacement PHP 100.00
Cash Card Fees  
Card Loading Fee (as target account)
     Via Over-the-Counter PHP 25.00 per load
Inactivity Fee PHP 100.00 per month starting on the 13th month of inactivity
Purchase of Card (initial cost of Cash Card) PHP 120.00 per card
Cash Card Replacement PHP 200.00 per card
Cash Card Transaction History PHP 200.00 per request
Replacement if Lost Passbook
Peso Deposit Accounts PHP 200.00
Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts PHP 200.00 
Manager’s Check / Gift Check PHP 50.00 per check
Counter Check PHP 30.00 per check
Interbranch Transactions
(for over-the-counter inter-regional transactions only)
Peso Cash Deposit PHP 50.00 for every PHP100,000.00 or fraction thereof
Peso Cash Withdrawal or Encashment PHP 100.00
US Dollar Checks Below USD 1,000* USD 5.00 per check
Foreign Currency Notes Deposit with More Than Fifty (50) Pieces in Small Denominations (USD20 or EUR20 and below, not applicable for CNY) 0.25% of total amount of small denominations or minimum of USD10.00 or EUR10.00
Foreign Currency Notes Service Fee
(Daily Deposit Threshold: USD 5,000; EUR 5,000; not applicable for CNY)
0.25% of the amount deposited in excess of the Daily Deposit Threshold
Withdrawal of Foreign Currency Funds
Within the Hold Period
0.25 of 1% of the withdrawal amount, minimum of USD10.00
Demand Drafts (available for USD/EUR only)
US Dollar PHP 100.00
EUR (with additional charge from SWIFT and clearing of drafts) PHP 200.00 + EUR 5.00
Bank Certification PHP100.00 per certificate
Generate Interim / Monthly Statement of Account PHP 100.00 for the 1st 3 pages +
PHP 10.00 per page for the succeeding page(s)
Stop Payment Order (SPO) Application Fee PHP 100.00 per check
Personal PHP 250.00 per booklet
Commercial PHP 500.00 per booklet
Fund Transfer to Other Banks (to BancNet Member Banks)  
Using InstaPay  
via China Bank Mobile Banking App PHP 10.00
via China Bank Online PHP 15.00
Using PESONet  
via Over-the-Counter (Branch) PHP 200.00
via China Bank Online Corporate PHP 50.00
Using Other Networks  
via China Bank ATM PHP 25.00
via China Bank Online (using IBFT) PHP 25.00
via China Bank Online Corporate PHP 150.00
*For Time Deposit Placement (USD TD and USD SUSTD), no charge shall be collected for a maximum of two (2) checks. A fee of USD5 per check shall be imposed on the 3rd and subsequent checks.

Note: Service Fees / Charges / Interest Rate are subject to change based on market movements. You may check the latest applicable fees/charges/rates with your branch of account.

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