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China Bank 102nd Anniversary One-Day Treat

Get FREE Personal Accident Insurance Php 50,000 coverage for 6 months when you open an account.

Promo Mechanics:

  1. Promo Date is August 16, 2022 only
  2. Promo is eligible to new China Bank clients with no existing account or no previous dealings with the China Bank
  3. Client should be 18 to 59 of age at the time of the Promo Date.
  4. Client must open a deposit account with at least a Php 100,000 initial deposit during the Promo Date at any China Bank branch nationwide.
  5. Eligible deposit accounts are China Bank regular peso Current and Savings accounts (CA/SA):
    1. Current Account w/ Auto-Transfer
    2. ChinaCheck Plus w/o Passbook
    3. ChinaCheck Plus w/ Passbook
    4. Regular Savings (Passbook Savings and ATM Savings)
  6. The following accounts are not eligible for the program:
    1. MoneyPlus Savings, Premium Savings, and Young Savers Account
    2. Time Deposit
    3. Foreign currency-denominated accounts
    4. CA/SA accounts under the following arrangements:
      d.1 Estate account (intestate or testate)
      d.2 Deposit in-trust (under Trust)
    5. Accounts of China Bank head office units, affiliates and subsidiaries
    6. CA/SA settlement account of biller under bills payment facility of China Bank’s Cash Management Services (CMS) and government agencies under government agency payment services of CMS
    7. Regular peso CA/SA subject of garnishment or freeze order or on hold for reasonable causes as stated in the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions.
  7. Upon account opening, the eligible client must accomplish the Client Financial Priority Tool Form (with data consent) and Manulife China Bank Life Sign-up form. Client must also provide a valid email address.
  8. Eligible clients will receive an email with Manulife China Bank Life Insurance with the details of the accidental death and accidental dismemberment & loss of use package insurance coverage.  This will serve as the confirmation of the validity of their coverage.
  9. The accidental death and dismemberment and loss of use insurance coverage shall immediately take effect 12:00 NN of the following day once client successfully completed the data consent form.  The coverage is valid for six (6) months from date of availment.
  10. Eligible clients are entitled to FREE Php 50,000 Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment & Loss of Use Insurance coverage for six (6) months


    If a member dies as a results of an injury due within 180 days after the date of the accident, a Principal Sum equal to Php 50,000 shall be payable, less any paid or payable under Accidental Dismemberment or Loss of Use, will be paid.  


    A percentage of the Principal Sum will be paid according to the Table of Benefits below if the member, as a result of an injury, incurs any of the losses listed in the table of benefits within 180 days after the date of accident.

    Sight of both eyes100%
    Both hands or both feet100%
    One hand and one foot100%
    Either hand or foot and sight of one eye100%
    Hearing of both ears100%
    Sight of one eye50%
    Either hand or foot50%
    All four fingers and thumb of either hand40%

  11. The promo is applicable to the first five (5) new to bank clients per branch that will open a new savings or current accounts during the Promo Date.
  12. For joint (and/or) Account holders will receive one (1) accidental death and accidental dismemberment and loss of use package only.
  13. Qualified deposit accounts should have an Average Daily Balance (ADB) of at least Php 100,000 and in good standing within six (6) months upon account opening in order for the insurance coverage to be valid.
  14. Deposit account is in good account standing if it passes eligibility and due diligence policy of the BANK, or not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent and/or suspicious activities, and those who have not otherwise, violated any of the General Terms and Conditions governing deposit account.
  15. Taxes that will arise from this program, if any shall be for the account of the client.
  16. Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment & Loss of Use Insurance coverage is non-convertible to cash and non-transferrable.
  17. In case of dispute related to the promo, the Bank’s decision, in concurrence with the DTI, will be deemed final and non-negotiable.
  18. All eligibility and qualification requirement under this promo shall be subject to criteria prescribed by the Bank as approved by DTI. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility in this promo will be resolved by the Bank as approved by DTI. 
  19. China Bank employees up to third degree of consanguinity are ineligible to join the promo.
  20. By joining this promo, the client confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by the mechanics and Terms and Conditions of the promo. 

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-148912 Series of 2022

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