Check Management

About China Bank

Whether for savings, business/trade, or remittances, these China Bank accounts can help you manage and grow your US Dollar, Euro, Yuan and Yen assets.

Foreign Currency Savings Account

  • Offered in US Dollar, Euro, Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen
  • Low initial deposit and maintaining balance
  • Earns interest in the same currency, credited quarterly
  • Comes with a passbook for easy monitoring
  • Convenient access to account via branches and China Bank Online

Overseas Kababayan Savings Account

  • Offered in US Dollar
  • Lower initial deposit requirement
  • Quarterly credit of interest to account

Premium Savings Account

  • Offered in US Dollar
  • With monthly crediting of interest
  • Optimize your funds for better earnings

Foreign Currency Time Deposit Account

  • Offered in US Dollar and Euro (minimum term of 30 days)
  • Low minimum placement
  • Earns higher interest over a savings account, credited upon maturity
  • Comes with a certificate of deposit and renewal options

Special US Dollar Time Deposit

  • Available in 3 years
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire term
  • Quarterly interest payment directly credited to customer's US Dollar Savings Account

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.

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