Check Management

About China Bank

Initial Deposit / Placement Requirement

  • P 50,000

Additional Placement

  • In multiples of P 1,000 only

Term of Investment

  • 5 Years and 1 Day

Interest Rate

  • Per Annum
  • Based on three months (3M) Bloomberg Valuation Service (BVAL) of the last business day of the preceding month minus applicable spread
  • Interest Rates shall be updated every first business day of the month
  • Please call or visit a China Bank branch for the updated interest rates

(Applies to Individuals only)

Remaining Term Withholding Tax Rate
Less than 3 Years 20%
3 Years to less than 4 Years 12%
4 Years to less than 5 Years 5%
5th Year 0%


  • Certificate of Time Deposit

Access Points 

  • Branches  
  • Only individuals are eligible for tax exemption on long-term deposits
  • Interest earned shall be automatically credited to your account quarterly 
  • Pre-termination : 50% of interest if before interest pay-out date 
  • Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.
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