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Plan and grow your UITFs with Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows existing UITF customers to make subscriptions to their active UITF accounts on a set schedule and frequency. No need to go to or call the branch for every additional subscription.


  • Affordable top-up
  • Convenient one-time registration
  • Flexible registration options - duration, UITF type, subscription amount, and more!

How to Enroll to SIP

Go to your branch
of account
Fill out and submit the
SIP Form
Receive a subscription
advice via registered email
The cut-off for submitting the SIP is at 12nn of each banking day. SIPs submitted beyond the cut-off will be processed on the next banking day.
Available Funds for SIP and Subscription Amount
Php 1,000 - Php 500,000USD 100 - USD 10,000
  • Cash Fund
  • Money Market Fund
  • Short-Term Fund
  • Intermediate Fixed-Income Fund
  • Fixed Income Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Equity Fund
  • High Dividend Equity Fund
  • Philippine Equity Index Tracker Fund
  • Dollar Cash Fund
  • Dollar Fund
UITF Disclosures
  • The UITF is not a deposit and is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).
  • Returns cannot be guaranteed and historical NAVPu is for illustration of NAVPu movements/ fluctuations only.
  • When redeeming, the proceeds may be worth less than the original investment and any losses will be solely for the account of the client.
  • The Trustee is not liable for any loss unless upon willful default, bad faith, or gross negligence.
Frequently Asked Questions
Enrollment and Funding of SIP
1. Who can enroll to Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

Customers (both individuals and corporations) with existing UITF account may enroll their existing UITF type in SIP.

New customers will go through the usual UITF account opening process before enrolling in SIP. Once the UITF account is opened (i.e. an initial subscription was made), customers may immediately enroll in SIP.

2. Does the designated China Bank Deposit Account (“Debit Account”) need to be in the same currency as the UITF Account?


3. Does the Debit Account need to be in ACTIVE status?


4. What will happen if the Debit Account has insufficient balance, becomes unfunded or status becomes closed on SIP Day?

Your SIP subscription will not be processed. Only cleared funds in the China Bank Deposit Account can be debited.

Note: For USD notes, there are 7 banking days before clearing.

5. If I fund the Debit Account after the SIP Day, will my SIP subscription be automatically processed?

No. You may proceed with the subscription by signing a Trust Instruction Sheet (UITF).

6. What will happen to my SIP if my subscriptions become unsuccessful due to insufficient balance for a number of times?

Your SIP will automatically be cancelled when:
- Monthly frequency: 3 consecutive months failed subscriptions
- Quarterly frequency: 2 consecutive quarters failed subscriptions

7. What will happen to my SIP if the Debit Account becomes closed on SIP Day?

You must designate an alternate Debit Account within 7 banking days, else the SIP will be cancelled.

8. What will happen if the SIP Day (date of debit) falls on a weekend or holiday?

Your SIP subscription will be processed on the next banking day.

9. Will I receive a confirmation for every successful subscription?

Yes. A subscription advice will be sent to your registered email address on the next banking day.

Change in SIP Details
1. What if I wanted to immediately cancel/end my SIP? Can I change the SIP details?

Yes. Just visit your branch of account and accomplish the SIP amendment form for the changes.

2. What SIP details can be changed?

You may amend the following:

  1. Subscription Amount (to increase or decrease amount)
  2. Frequency (monthly or quarterly)
  3. SIP End Dates (to extend to a particular date/select perpetual or shorten enrollment)
  4. SIP Day (any calendar number between 1 to 28)
  5. Debit Account (alternate China Bank Deposit Account for auto-debit)
  6. Email address (email account to receive Subscription Advice)

3. When will changes in my SIP take effect?

The cut-off is at least one banking day prior to the SIP Day (before 12nn). Otherwise, the changes will take effect on the subsequent SIP Day.

1. What will happen when I redeem all the units in the SIP enrolled UITF account?

Full redemption will result to cancellation of the enrolled SIP.

2. For Individual customers, does the designated China Bank Deposit account have to be the same account name as the UITF account?


3. For Corporate/Partnership customers enrolling for SIP, is a Secretary’s Certificate or Board Resolution required?

Yes, a Secretary’s Certificate or Board/Partnership Resolution is required to be submitted indicating the following authorities:

- Enroll in and avail of the SIP facility
- Designate the Corporate/Partnership as the Authorized representative
- Designate/Nominate a China Bank deposit account as the Debit Account.

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