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TellerPhone FAQs

Who can avail of the TELLERPHONE service?
All China Bank TellerCard holders and non-TellerCard holders (e.g. Non-individual clients) maintaining deposit accounts with any branch of the Bank can avail of this service. This means clients with accounts like ChinaCheck Plus, or MoneyPlus Savings or Statement Savings can use the TELLERPHONE. Passbooks Savings accountholders can also use the TELLERPHONE as long as it is linked to a TellerCard.

Where can I avail of the TELLERPHONE service?
You can avail the TELLERPHONE service in the branch where you maintain your TellerCard supported deposited account.

How can I avail of the TELLERPHONE service?
For Individual Clients: A cardholder can avail the TELLERPHONE service by filling-up the Application for TellerCard/TELLERPHONE Account (ATTA) Form with the branch where he maintains his preferred account.
For Non-individual Clients: The company’s authorized representative will have to fill-up the TELLERPHONE Service Enrollment Form (TSEF) with the branch where the company maintains its deposit account.

What are the documentary requirements to avail of the service?
For Individual Clients: Only the TSEF is needed for individual clients. An ID is also requested to be presented.
For Non-individual Clients: Aside from the TSEF and the ID, the following are also required to be submitted:

  • For Non-individual Accounts – a duly notarized Board Resolution certified by the Non-individual Secretary
  • For Partnership Accounts – a duly notarized Partnership Resolution or Agreement
  • For Associations – a duly notarized Board resolution or Agreement certified by the President or the Secretary
  • A duly accomplished TSEF containing the required information on the accounts to be enrolled and the Terms and Conditions of the service.

How much will I pay to avail of this service?
There is no enrollment fee for the TELLERPHONE service.

What numbers will I dial to access my TELLERPHONE account?
You will only have to dial 885-5888 for Metro Manila or dial 1-800-1888-5888 toll free.

How can I access my TELLERPHONE account?
For Individual Clients: You can access your TELLERPHONE account by entering you 12-digit TellerCard number followed by the 4-digit TELLERPHONE PIN (TPIN).
For Non-individual Clients: The company’s authorized representative can access the TELLERPHONE account through the 11-digit TELLERPHONE Access Number (TAN). Also, a 4-digit TELLERPHONE Personal Identification Number (TPIN) is required to authenticate the TAN.

Where can I get the TPIN for my TELLERPHONE?
For Individual Clients: A sealed envelope indicating your system-generated password will be given to you.
For Non-individual Clients: A sealed envelope indicating your system-generated TPIN will be given to you together with the TAN Card and the triplicate copy of the TSEF. Under the normal processing time, these should be issued 5-10 banking days from the enrollment date.

How many deposit accounts can I, as the company’s authorized representative, access?
For Non-individual clients, a maximum of ten (10) deposit accounts of the following types may be accessed, provided these are enrolled:

  • Savings Account (SA)
    • Statement Savings Account
    • MoneyPlus Savings Account
    • Passbook Savings Account
    • Savings with Auto Transfer Facility
  • Current/Checking Account (CA)
    • Existing Current Account
    • China Check Plus (with or without passbook)

Only the deposit account/s of the non-individual clients are qualified for multiple account access.

If I am the company’s authorized representative and I have 10 deposit accounts enrolled, how can I access each of the account?
Of the 10 accounts, one SA and one CA shall be designated as the preferred accounts in the TELLERPHONE Service Enrollment Form (TSEF) while the rest shall be designated as selected accounts. Every time you do a balance inquiry or request for bank statement other than the designated preferred SA and CA, you will enter a 2-digit account list number. The account list number is the number from 01 to 10 assigned consecutively by the system for deposit account/s linked to the TAN.

If I am the company’s authorized representative, how will I access the TELLERPHONE since Non-individual clients have no ATM cards?
A TELLERPHONE Access Number Card (TAN Card) will be given to you as basis for the TAN and an account list number assigned to the enrolled deposit account/s.

What services can the TELLERPHONE offer?
The following services are offered by TELLERPHONE:

  • Balance inquiry (for individual and non-individual clients)
  • Bills payment (for individual clients only)
  • Last 3 transactions (for individual clients only)
  • Request for bank statement through fax - initially for free (for individual & non-individual clients)
  • Pay for CBC Insurance premium (for individual clients only)
  • Request Checkbook (for individual clients only)
  • Products and Services inquiries (for individual and non-individual clients)
  • Change TPIN (for individual and non-individual clients)
  • Block lost/stolen card (for individual clients only)
  • Fund transfer (for individual clients only)
  • China Bank loans payment and inquiry (for individual clients only)
What bills can I pay through the TELLERPHONE?
You can pay the following bills through the TELLERPHONE:
  • Sky Cable
  • PLDT
  • Mobiline
  • Beeper 150/155
  • Citibank Credit Card
  • CBC Insurance
  • Manila Waters
  • China Bank Loans
  • Meralco

Note: Enrollment is not required but it allows one to pay these by entering the account number with the utility company every time a payment is made.

What types of deposit accounts can I request for a bank statement through fax?
The bank statement may be requested for the following types of accounts, whether preferred or non-preferred, that are linked to your ATM card/TAN:

  • China Check Plus (with or without passbook) or existing Current Account
  • Statement Savings Account
  • Passbook Savings Account
  • MoneyPus Savings Account
  • Savings Account with Auto Transfer
What statement processing cycle can the bank statement cover?
The bank statement can cover the following:
  • Last month’s statement
  • All transactions posted after your last statement
  • Both
Is there a service fee for the request for bank statement through fax?
Initially, Tellercard holders in Metro Manila and provinces can request their bank statement through fax free of charge. Soon, a fixed service fee will be charged.
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